Monday, January 18, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere: Response to the Chasidy Hobbs speech

Every morning I wake up and stick my head under the bathroom faucet for some water. Just like every other normal human being, I fail to think about what is actually IN the water.

Now that I am aware of the several pollutants in our water I always have to hold myself back in the mornings.

Both the EWG and the ECUA are both at fault for instilling fear in the citizens of Pensacola.  Now everybody is running around, arms flapping in the air, thinking they will get cancer.

What is most apalling to me that Mrs. Hobbs mentioned are the EPA's outdated chemical regulations. After 30 years I would think it wise to update these regulations since new chemicals are bound to be present. 

She also mentioned the fact that Pensacola won the best tasting water for 3 years. It kind of makes you wonder even more what's in this water of ours...

While Chasidy did a superb job supporting the fact that we are indeed safe, I still can't help but think that we can have better water than the stuff we have now. Less pollutants at least, please.


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