Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Restoration of Fossil Creek

After watching the documentary concerning the restoration of Fossil Creek in Arizona, I learned a few new things.

First off, opposing organizations are capable of putting aside their differences and working together for similar causes. This surprised me at first because while watching the documentary, I had serious doubts that the Arizona Public Service would cooperate in restoring Fossil Creek to its original state. It gives me hope that other organizations will do the same.

And next, I had minimal knowledge about dams and what it is they do to the environment. My whole life, I always just looked at them as a man-made structure that just kind of…sits there. After watching this documentary, I am aware that dams can affect wildlife in the area and harm other species.

Fossil Creek seems to look like a majestic place to visit. I am satisfied with the ending outcome, and am glad that the APS was willing to cooperate. I am in high hopes that other dams across the U.S. will be destroyed in the future, since, according to the documentary, many of them serve no purpose anymore.

Why keep something that will do nothing but harm wildlife?


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