Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Society of Environmental Journalists

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Website is a useful tool for budding journalists who are interested in pursuing a career in environmental reporting.

The SEJ homepage has the format of an online newspaper. The page contains such things as environmental headlines and publications from the SEJ.

The most helpful link on the Website is probably the Tip Sheet, located under the SEJ Publications tab. The purpose of the Tip Sheet is to provide biweekly news used to notify journalists. This is ideal for a reporter searching for a specific environmental beat. Issues are posted here one day before publication.

Reporters may want to also have a look at the library tab, where blogs and websites pertaining to environmental issues can be found. Reporters can choose to read SEJ Member’s blogs as well as non-member blogs.

Amateur reporters can also find the Reporting Tools link under the library tab. Though still a work in progress, this link provides helpful resources for specific issues such as wildfires, hurricanes and climate change.

Other useful links that can be found in the SEJ are a detailed climate change guide and a calendar with future events, press conferences and workshops.

The SEJ also hosts several programs and contests for environmental journalists. Journalists may also become a member of the SEJ if they wish.


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